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Skype: live:davidyujinyang
Skype: live:davidyujinyang sales@emyplay.com

FAQ >> How dose the EMB12 Series Fireworks Firing System works?

The EMB12 Series Fireworks Firing system has four fire modes: Single(Dividual) Fire, Sequential Fire, Salvo Fire, Step Fire. One transmitter can control 12 receivers to the maximum, you can choose how many receivers to be used.The receiver is programmable, it learns the code of the transmitter to number the receivers in sequence. So you can control 144 cues to the maximum. How dose it works? Here we show the operation with two receivers.

Video of EMB12 Fireworks Firing System

Step 1:  Learn the code of the transmitter

Step 2:  Test the e-match

Step 3:  Fire the cues

(1) Dividual Fire

(2) Sequential Fire

(3) Salvo Fire

(4) Step Fire


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Skype: live:davidyujinyang sales@emyplay.com